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UI/UX Designer

Winsupply Inc., is a distributor of residential and commercial construction and industrial supplies and equipment. It has more than 600 distribution locations nationwide.

Each Local Company stocks their own inventory and creates a catalog for the products that they would like to sell. There are several different operating copanies that operate under the Win brand, but with a different name: Winair, Winwater, Winlectric, Winnelson, Windustrial, Winpump, and Winfastener. To add new products to their inventory, the Local Companies use Live Shop Inventory to bring in new products into their product catalog. This was a clunky, outdated product that I was tasked to redesign. Live Shop has been around since the 70’s, and a lot of Local Companies had gotten used to the way it was and liked it.

Existing Product


Winsupply’s Live Shop Inventory is clunky, outdated, and very unorganized. New content has been added over 30 years without being organized or adjusted. The product also does not allow for “kitting” which is having a bundle of several products needed to for a product. (e.g. toilet)



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